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ink on cotton


A quality clothing company, specialising at providing limited addition tatoo art on high quality cotton shirts.


Create a video advert that can be used on social media, to drive traffic to the Ink On Cotton website.

the process

I used the concept of falling ink to grab attention & emphasised this further by adding thematic music and explosive sound effects, linked visually to ink splats and animated words. The video then showcases a sample of Ink On cotton design.


ink on cotton video advert

tse solutions


A health & safety consultancy based in Yorkshire, providing health & safety and employment advice to businesses.


Create a series of videos that highlight the need for health & safety in the work place. Place the videos onto the TSE Solutions website, (Also designed by The Young Perspective).

the process

In 2 of these videos I used images that clearly signalled "Danger" to the viewer, and I combined the images with suspense music and an authoritative voice over.

In the third video I used a lighter theme aimed to emphasise a work place getting out of control.


crocodile head video advert
monkeys asylum video advert
crocodile money video advert

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